Do you have the skills to bypass Excel 2007 Level 1?

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<p>The purpose of this quiz is determine if you have the skills to attend the Excel Level 2 course.</p> <p>People who attend the Level 2 course before they have the proper skills do not learn as much as if they were properly prepared and can make the course less effective for all the attendees.</p> <p>A score of less than 70% means that it would be highly beneficial for you to take the Excel Level 1 course - to ensure that you are as up-to-date as possible with all functions shortcuts and efficient methods. I mean....who wants to know only HALF of what they should know to proceed?</p> <p><font color="red">IMPORTANT:</font>If you do not KNOW the correct answer to a the "I don't know" option. This will give a much more accurate account of your skill level..</p>

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